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You must be thinking that what part of psychology can go wrong when it is about seeing a psychologist! We were thinking too before writing this article, but instead of visiting the psychologists and asking them what are your disadvantages, they must be thinking we are insane and untreatable, so, we went to people who have had not so good experience with psychologists. Some people said that they cost a lot. Yes, it will cost a lot because each they will be seeing many patients who just share sad or bad stories, it requires a lot of patience to deal with a patient especially the one with a mental illness. 

So, basically you are buying one’s patience and sometimes it feels right to give them that money. Each session can cost up to 500 AED and if you have to see a psychologist twice a week, it can cost a lot. Another disadvantage is that, if you need to see a psychologist urgently, they most likely are not available and they insist on seeing them on an appointment. This is because they have so many clients to attend to and maybe their problems are bigger than yours. For example, you have been bullied at school and you are at the verge of losing your temper, you need to see your therapist right after school, if there are no so many patients, you will get a chance to meet him/her and tell everything what happened. And if there are many patients, you need to wait for the appointment.

People also say that their psychologists keep changing and they don’t feel comfortable repeating their story again and again to different therapists. This happens if the therapist is busy, or has to take a lot of holidays for studying, or your insurance card just keeps changing you from one hospital to another. The most disadvantage is getting attached to a psychologist, because they keep you calm, they talk directly with your brain and this what anyone needs to fall in love with anyone. And sometimes it becomes the opposite, the stories of the patient that impresses the psychologist that they create a special bond with the client. And this happens a lot of times, trying to fix someone who wants to be fixed. If you are looking for best and professional consultancy regarding any issue you can have psychotherapy in Dubai or you can visit the best psychologists in Dubai.