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As we know that kids pick up hobbies with a supersonic speed which means every bit of learning that you provide to your kid, is developing a professional state of your kid’s mind and making him or her physically and mentally strong in future. Theories remain theories until we test them practically. Imagination and actual reality are two different perspectives that are felt differently. It’s not enough to tell your kids what is good and what is bad until you take them outside and show them some real life examples. Practical demonstration makes the person learn something seventy percent faster than oral explanation. As play based learning is a major part of practical learning, let’s know about the importance and benefits of it. 

When kids are alone, they barely have something to talk about due to which they don’t get to know about the variety of words; therefore teachers of nurseries arrange different activities for children where they sit together and perform tasks by taking verbal guidance of teachers. The children also try to communicate with their fellows when they are playing as a team. Such activities provide a vibe of confidence to the children, so in the future when the grown kid feels helpless, he or she can simply ask for someone’s attention instead of sitting in the corner of the room and having the lips zipped up like an introvert.

In the UAE, due to the introduction of such playing activities that build up the IQ of kids, every year there’s an increase of teachers in the list of top nurseries in Dubai. The rate of increase went high because musicality and melodies were linked with the children. They could understand the science behind rhyming and develop their singing skills as well. The activity masters multiple skills of kids at the same time such as building the hearing and listening power, understand the words, remembering and recalling as well as properly pronouncing words. With such facilitating opportunities, in the future, UAE will become the major zone of nursing school services.

The play based activities help kids develop a quality of their imagination. The more effectively they are taught, they more efficiently they will think about the fantasies of the world and make new concepts as well as ideas. Children own a very unique way of thinking, they can easily find alternatives of work flows that can be extremely beneficial for everyone.

By following the same methods and brining advancement, children will be making mature decisions in small age in future. Visit for further details.