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Being a dentist is a rewarding profession but it can become challenging most of the times. Almost all professions do but mostly dentist have to deal with small kids and you know how kids can be when they see needles and especially when the needle has to go inside the mouth that can be pretty scary. So, if you think you have a tough job, think about the dentist before complaining.

Dentistry is a very respectful profession, people trust their dentist just like they trust of every other doctor out there. Just because of this feature, every year 11,674 students graduate as dentist. Dentists help people in smiling with confidence and painless. Most people are not happy or confident with their shape of teeth, but a dentist helps them in talking or laughing with credence. Dentist can help people by lowering their charges and suggesting them fewer medicines, this can be a great way of helping people. 

You will seldom find any unemployed dentist, one out of hundred might be but sooner or later, they also find a good standing job. It is era of selfies with beautiful smiles and people make sure that they look perfect by all means and smile is one of the most important features when it comes to beautiful looks. So, people make sure that their smile looks sheer and divine and this is the reason that dentist are becoming a demand of the era. 

Since dentists charge a lot, according to different surveys, the aggregate came to a result that each dentist earns $147,350 per annum and these statistics were confirmed by Labor Statistics Board. But, dentist which are very good at their work, they visit different hospitals in one day and they have their own clinic as well, so, for some this number is an average for them.

But with so much excitement in this career, there is a lot which a dentist sacrifices like; they have to study 7 to 8 years consecutively and the study of dentistry is very much expensive, this is another reason that they charge so much. The minimum education of dentistry is $250,000 and the advance studies cost $500,000. In the beginning, the house jobs pay less, but if you are looking for a good start up career, you should visit UAE, because there is much demand of dentists there and if you are looking for a good house job where you can learn more visit Hollywood Smile Clinic in Abu Dhabi, they provide the best teeth whitening solution in Abu Dhabi.