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All You Need to Know about Acquiring Malta’s Citizenship

The Republic of Malta is situated at the central of the Mediterranean between North of Africa and Sicily. It is a mesh of 3 inhabited islands; Gozo, Comino and Malta itself. And there are a number of undiscovered islands as well. Malta is well-known for its unspoiled beaches and raw rainforests. Malta is the 10th most visited country in the world and it is cheap as well. It has so much tourists coming in each year that the 12% of the GDP is generated by tourism and each year the percentage is increasing. Although Malta is among the smallest countries, but still the people there speak two languages – their native language Maltese and English. Since, it is horded by tourists each year, locals there specially learn English language at the schooling time, to make people more comfortable.

Malta became an independent country in 1947 but still it is the member of commonwealth of European Union, Schengen and a member with the World Trade Organization in the Eurozone. It is so small, that its total population is 440,662 people and its total area is estimated to be 316 kilometers but even though it is small the Euro currency runs there. The euro currency is said to be an expensive one but still it is a very cheap country. If you plan to open a business in Malta, make it confirm because you will be swimming in pools of money because it does not apply any inheritance tax, no estate duty or taxes, no wealth or income tax and you can invest in different countries at the same time.

The passport of Malta is considered the 4th most powerful passport on Earth, opening to 180 countries for free visa travel and if they have the best education system. They have the world-class free education system and people from different countries come here to get the best education at very cheap fee structure and many other benefits at the same time. According to institute of Legatum, Malta is considered as the 17th safest country in the world in terms of legal, political and climate changes. Malta’s citizenship is easy to get and the procedures are easy to understand, and if you get this passport, you can easily access the Grenada citizenship by investment.