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We live in an advanced age and everyone is fond of technology. The concept of 3d printing has helped a lot. Many manufacturers are using this printing technologies to fast up their manufacturing speed and to get their manufacturing at low production cost level. Mostly high-profile companies are acquiring the services of 3d printing because this printing boosts up their speed and give them the best outcome they expect and want for their customers. 

The first use of 3d printing services in Dubai is that many medical facilities and doctors have worked a lot and now they are totally successful in making 3d printed organs from patients own cells and even make disinfection gates. This means now the patient doesn’t have to wait for the donor. He/she can simply make a 3d organ for themselves from their own cells. This is technology at its peak. Many people have been in a successful operation by the help of this printing. So many people are dying because of they don’t have enough donor or organs. This technology is the super hero for all of those people. 

The next use and advantage of 3d printing is that many big profiles automotive car manufacturing company are adopting this printing technology. They make many objects with the help of this 3d printing technology. General motors started this technology in Chevrolet Malibu in 2014. First, they made the prototypes and then analyzed it. They did rapid prototyping of the floor console, mobile holders for driver and passengers. The made these parts very light weight. By this they gave the car efficient fuel economy. They even made the front fascia design with the help of this technology. 

Ford Motors made many prototypes for their vehicles like brake rotors, vents, cylinder heads, shift knobs etc. 

This 3d printing technology is rapidly taking heights in aerospace industry too. Recently NASA’s rocket engine injector was made with the help of this printing technology. The results from this injector were 10 times better than the ordinary one. NASA are sending a 3d printer into OutSpace because they are making an international space station so, for that purpose they need a 3d printing technology there as well. Because sometimes the astronauts can run out of tools and at that moment there should be a backup plan for the astronaut. So, with the 3d printer he can help himself really good and effectively.