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Common Art Types

Arts in Dubai and humanities are interrelated fields of study concerned with the culture, history, current condition, and structure of the humanities as a whole. The two fields often overlap and influence each other, but they also can each specialize in a particular field. For example, while many students specialize in journalism, fine arts scholars may focus on creative writing. The arts are a broad range or discipline of human interaction involving visual art, music, dance, literature, and other areas.

Film and photography: Photography is the visual arts, and like theater, movies, and plays, can take on all forms and genres. Photography includes stills, photographs, and video. Filmmaking, motion picture making, and visual sculpture are also type of film and photography. Find more info about arts here.

Photography is one of the most popular forms of artistic expression today. Digital photography has influenced artistic expression in so many ways. The field of painting uses a variety of mediums such as: painting, collage, and sculpture.

Architectural painting involves the use of paints, stains and stamps. These techniques can be applied to a wide range of subjects including architecture, landscapes and people. Photography has been used widely to capture history and scenery for over two thousand years. Artists have used it to record events and to document the natural world. Architecture was originally designed to be beautiful, and landscape architecture was used to create beautiful gardens. Today there are many areas of architecture that are still in use today; this includes fine arts, dance, photography, and sculpture.

Architectural art: refers to the building itself. It can include buildings, temples, bridges and homes. This is another highly diversified area of study that spans all types of art. Architecture can include interior design, building construction and landscape architecture.

Performance art and dancing: are two other highly diversified arts. Dance utilizes movement, sound, and technology to tell stories and make art. Music is used for everything from worship to entertainment. Performing arts include theater, dance, and music. Photography and paintings also fall into this category.

Dance is an ancient form of performance art that dates back to the earliest-known dances. It is now performed around the world. Dance shows are judged based on creativity and technical ability. Students in dance classes learn techniques such as body placement, choreography, and song and movement selection.