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Going to another country and not having a list of gifts that are family and friends want, that has never happened! Because even if a person travels from one city to another, our homies ask us to bring this and that and if you travelled out the country then there is a never ending list of things. If you are moving back to UK from Dubai with the help of international relocation companies, then we are sure that you will have a long list of things and if you have limited money or you want to save up when you go back, then we have a good news for you because even though you might have heard that doing shopping spree is expensive in the United Kingdom and that is a fact but there are somethings that are not much expensive, if you are wondering what are those things, then we are here to tell you, so, keep reading further;

  1. It is estimated that alone in the United kingdom there are at least 165 million cups of tea consumed every day. Which also means that there are different kinds of tea and it is also sold as a delicacy. And people from around the globe order and take tons of tea with them in their hometown. And if you have tea lovers at home then they will def love this gift and even enjoy it because it is healthy as well.
  2. Who doesn’t love chocolate and if there are people who don’t, we would really like to know the reason! Chocolate is as good as hanky panky and if you love eating chocolate and especially the ones which have royal taste, then you are in the right country because here, you will find the most exquisite chocolate and the best part is that it is cheap. And even cheaper if you buy from the airport from the duty free section and the variety is endless.
  3. We all know that the United Kingdom is famous due to its heritage and the old structured buildings and that is why they have the most fascinating museums as well and you can even take museum souvenirs with you. Imagine taking a part of artifact at home and telling people that you have bought it from the museum, even though you did but it is not the same thing, and people won’t even know.